The products are great an I`m glad there are people like you. The products have helped me a lot in taking them in every area. My husband, son and I would continue to take the products I think it`s great and I`m glad to help people with their work in this dark world, keep up the good work and hope to see you soon. Best regards from switzerland
I am still interested to proceed as I had really good results with the red calcium. I had big changes in my life. As far as we tested the red calcium energeticaly the result of our tests was tremendiously unbelievable good.
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It is very exciting what you do and I wish you the very best for your further research. I highly appreciate that you tackle the genetic enslavement on this planet. If we all work together with all our effort, we can step by step re-gain our freedom. Best regards from Sydney,
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I am very pleased me the Red Lion and the Red calcium pills and have a feeling that my body also very pleased about it. I had a car accident 35 years ago and had suffered injuries at L4-L5, have often pain and when I have a real "crisis" (we the last 4 months), I am very limited in my life ... but I complain not, I feel good again and I can go back to work in my garden and enjoy my life to the fullest. Of course, this includes a lot of "soul work" ..
Again, thank you so much. I´ll often think of you and what brought you in my life! A man like you is for shure very, very rare. My soul, or psyche, if you will, is more stable now and after years i am able to sleep agien longer hours. That´s not only because of the pill, there is more. A kind of magic! Greetings and best wishes,
Vannak kiváló szerek, amelyek elősegítik vagy egyenesen okozzák a test gyógyulását. Egyik sem szintetikus. Az én negyvenéves gyógyítói tapasztalatom szerint az ilyeneket csakis a természetben találjuk meg.Ez annyit tesz, hogy szintetikusan előállíthatatlanok. Olvasd el a Schüssler-sók csodáját a mellrákkal szemben.
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