The Original Schüssler Salts

In 1995 I red Dr. Schüssler’s tiny book and got into an inspired state of mind for a longer period. He gave such a deep, comprehensible and logical delineation of the nature of diseases and the causes behind them, that I could not react otherwise. That year and the next I administered “factory produced” Schüssler salt to many of my patients, and nearly lost all my awe. The results have not been as expected. In medicinal practice unfortunately we need at least a year of close observation before we can form a conclusive opinion. It was the same in this instance. My admiration for the great Master has taken a back stage. Right until 2014, when I read another excellent work written in the late 1800’s which conclusively proved to me that Dr. Schüssler was right. The problem with modern Shüssler therapy is, that it is not it. We humans have a terrible ability: we effect changes in every method, and so, we create forgeries. Every decent human being possesses an ego, and so he wants to see his own footprint in history. So he takes a brilliantly created method, and in it he does a few things differently, then names the method after himself. Or something similar, but behind the deed there always lurks some sick yearning. Our perverted need to be admired by others, – to be special.

The good Dr. Schüssler’s original approach was the breakthrough. In his days there were no giant pharmaceutical companies, so the thinking artists of healing made their own remedies. He did the same.

He believed in the law of equilibrium. May as well have read Buddhist philosophy. The dozen or so of mineral salts that form the central pillar of our bodies, have to be in a quantitative equilibrium. Overdosing one, creates the shortage of another, creating numerous further imbalances and signs of disease.

One example of that is sodium-potassium balance. Let’s take just facial skin, and not go deeper. The ageing facial skin of vegetarians is sagging and the wrinkles on it are much more pronounced, then on the faces of the people enjoying balanced diets. Plants are potassium based, meat is sodium based. So the vegetarian supplies his body with much more potassium than sodium, even if he uses table salt generously to flavor his food. Potassium is water repellant, and dehydrates the skin. The two metallic salts are antagonists, so they work against each other. If there is an imbalance between the two metallic salts, then it means war. Antagonists have to be present with equal forces in order to have peace – meaning balance. When we restore balance between two antagonistic forces, we have peace – meaning sound functioning of body.

This I have tested myself. I made a facial cream, into which I packed as much organic sodium as was possible. Applying this cream on the face, I have observed anti-wrinkle miracles. The only reason there is no such product for you to try, is because it is not feasible. In every shop, you can buy facial creams that are made in factories. Every container is exactly the same, has a self-life of months if not more, and very cheap to make. This is what we are used to. My cream was totally organic, no exact same batch ever, and even in the refrigerator, it stays effective for no longer than a fortnight.

The good doctor invented the idea of making a mineral salt mixture, that is characteristic to the young and healthy, and is a full mixture – meaning it contains every ingredient. Every ingredient is present in the exact ratio that is characteristic to the young and healthy. To us humans, the nearest animal genetically is the pig. The Schüssler Salts are those essential salts of our bodies, that are not destroyed even by violent heat or fire. So an 50 kg pig gives us 300-350 grams of Schüssler Salts. Then it is ground to a fine powder, and put into capsules. 0.5-1.0 grams of that a day produces standing miracles to the body. Merely by restoring the mineral balance.

For this operation I had to prepare all right – find an suitable manufactory ( oven, remote location, and the works ).

After all that preparation – roughly five years ago – started the probation period of a year. Everything panned out as I have expected. Our results : a good partner with a few perfect tools and a lot of produced product. My customers are happy indeed, and I am satisfied.

To date I have not observed any side effects or detrimental signs. Only the slow, but reliably materializing healings. I have observed it in action in every conceivable illness coming my way, and am taking it myself ever since. The most exhilarating experience I had-have are the obvious signs of the slowing if my ageing process. My gums have grown back almost to their original splendor. I had a bad motorbike accident shattering my left side. Consequently, a bad varicosity of my left calf developed. That has not deteriorated in the last five years, but is receding. I have no joint pains whatsoever after a 30-year history of it, no deterioration of vision, and no forgetfulness. Such symptoms around the age of 60 are deemed normal. My prostate gland has not enlarged, my scalp still boasts with hair – albeit grey –, and am full of energy. A few weeks back out of pure scientific curiosity I had a full blood-work done. All results are in the normal range. In my professional opinion these results are exceptionally noteworthy. 

Then where is the glitch? Because glitches there always are. Only in one place. In the heads of people. The folks of today want to be healed even from cancer in a day or two. The very day they start feeling better, they quit taking it, because suddenly the kitchen furniture is more important.

 For many years I am done with the folly of my youth, to want to make another understand anything. That never seems to materialize, and if by accident it seems so, there always is the realization, that I have discounted the forgetfulness of ordinary folk.

The Schüssler Salts in our body have a proper traffic. They go in through the mouth and get incorporated where they are needed, and the used salts get excreted by some route. For this reason, their continuous ingestion is strongly advised. Otherwise the balance is out the window. This has to be understood, and never forgotten. This is the glitch. I usually advise all to do a year of taking the Salts. In a year, it is impossible to not see the beneficial effects. If the patient does not see any improvement, then the patient is blind or has a nature of arguing. Both of those are inalienable human rights and cannot be prohibited.

You can order one, or many month’s rations. The courier service will deliver it to your door.