The mystery of calcium absorption.

Calcium is a mysterious metal, but understanding it’s salts complicate things to the level of a hysterical scream. And to make it worse, commercially available preparations do not get absorbed into the cells even in the name of God.

The better part of the body’s functional disorders can be traced back to deficient calcium turnover. Before anyone should start being skeptical, the deterioration of body build, also have their roots here. In the case of functional disorders, I would mention allergies, metabolic disorders, an unfathomable number of pains, sleeping disorders, inflammation and tumors. The deterioration of body build, are the wrinkled skin, muscle strength and tone out the window, the crooked spine, swollen joints, lost teeth, and woman scornful for not getting her man for over two months – just to name a few.

Ah, if only calcium could be replaced into the body! – sighed Hippocrates, and died.

All I want to say: it can be replaced.

The trick I learned, because someone told it to me. He is a chemistry, physics and electronics genius, and totally incapable of having a good life. But he talked long, had no idea about the practical value of his words – and I listened. I am capable of having a good life.

This is the reason why you can have a much better quality life from now on.

I am a doctor-artist with an engineer’s vein. Like a sculptor who draws a picture now and then.

My genius friend, who rejected my friendship numerous times – talked long about the element Boron. Boron parks in the periodic system between metals and non-metals. Alchemists of old referred to it by the name of – governor. Like the secret agent who directs the deadly game of life from the backstage. He noted, that in Israel, there is no osteoporosis, and the incidence of tumors is but a fraction of the European and North American stats. And further, that in Israel, they are not extracting boron from the drinking water. So every day, everyone in Israel consumes 300-400 milligrams of boron – if he drinks water of course. But there they have dry heat, so they do drink water. In Europe and in North America boron is extracted from drinking water. They didn’t say why.

Boron is not toxic at all, and is freely excreted by the body. It’s toxicity index is one fifth of table salt.

I made remarkable calcium preparations over the last 15 years. Many kinds.

Calcium- lactate, citrate, gluconate, carbonate – with much less therapeutic value than anticipated.

We are nearing now to the one-year testing period of calcium-borate. The strict self-imposed protocol is to put under scrutiny every product in practice for one whole year with many people with many health issues. Last week I started tentatively patting my shoulders, smelling success.

We call it red calcium. In our place quite a few things are red.

We poison our bodies two-three times a day because we feed. With food every time we take it, only God knows what we are ingesting. Every toxic molecule in the food has to be neutralized optimally. Our chief aide here is calcium. It binds with the toxins and renders them ineffective.

If there isn’t enough of it, the body sacrifices the calcium content of the skin – at first. Hence the striae-d skin of women giving birth. The baby – although cute as a cookie needs a lot of calcium, and sure as taxes, it will have its need satisfied from the body of the mother. The mother does not have it in free supply, so she sacrifices her skin. First on the belly and buttocks, and then everywhere the marks of torn skin appear. Those are the striae. When the skin is depleted, and wrinkled and torn and ugly, the muscles are ravaged. Then the bone. Osteoporosis, is when there are many-many holes in the bone, meaning absent calcium. Then, between three holes we see a tiny island of intact bone. Calcium is as important to the body, as air to the lungs. For this reason, it is imperative to maintain the normal calcium levels of the blood. This is why the calcium levels of the blood are in the normal range right until the death throws. Observing normal calcium levels in the blood, my colleagues usually conclude that all is fine with it. That is Bedlam.

The final conclusion is: everyone has to replenish calcium from the age of 21. Otherwise the body goes down. I don’t like it either.

The carbonate of calcium carbonate is changed to boron. Boron luckily has a better affinity to calcium, then carbonate has. As soon as we have calcium-borate, it immediately knows where to go, because the “governor” tells it. And gets incorporated. Right where there is the biggest depletion. Then it goes everywhere, if we treat our bodies to it by taking two capsules a day.

This is again an experience one has to go through, otherwise it is unbelievable.

The problem we have with rejuvenation and body-state-preserving procedures is: they are lengthy. These are not curative processes. Ageing is a process that lasts decades. Preserving the state of the body is the same long haul effort.

Unfortunately, one needs a pinch of consciousness to recognize that, and most people are devoid of that. I do not know why most people believe, that a month or two of taking calcium has to solve the ageing problem. Then, when it is apparent that the great magical effect has not happened, they blame everyone, the doctor, the healer. It never appears in their minds, that they are the ones who thought the wrong thought. But one thing I know for sure. Tomorrow we will have the same problem on our hands.

In a body weighing 70 kilograms, there hides 20 kilograms of calcium. The daily loss is approximately 0,5 grams, if we do not consume alcohol, are not overweight, and do not take any kind of medication. If any of these is present, the daily loss is greater. This optimally means the net loss of 0,5 kilograms of calcium every three years. 5 kilograms in 30 years. Out of the 20!

The optimal scenario would be, if we consumed every day 1 gram of calcium, the kind that gets absorbed. In this case a not particularly sick adult in his forties could rebuild his optimal calcium turnover in 5 years. Sucks hey?

These kinds of explanations are naturally incomprehensible to average folks. I mourn that. Last year I had a conversation with an elderly gentleman, who was a college tutor all his life. Not giving a second thought, I said – “Tomorrow we will have a full moon.” He answered – “Where can I find scientific proof of that?” I turned silent for minutes.

My humble opinion is: If you want to fare well, and can afford it, buy a whole year’s supply of this calcium. When you once spent your money, maybe you will not forget to take it. And then, you will have an opinion that rests on a first-hand experience.