The Food of the Gods

I had a lot of trouble with nutrition. While I had an active and busy medical practice, there were very few patients who did not ask the obvious question. “How should I eat doc?” I always gave some answer, since doctors are very knowledgeable, but I never was satisfied by my answers. This went so far, that I started feeling the shame of it. It was time to do something with the issue. We live in a time when some chalk up every malady to bad nutrition. I even heard the following phrase: “You are what you eat.” That is stupid. You are not just what you eat. You have to decide what you actually are. Until you cannot do that, it is not necessary to tackle the question.

I had no answer to the big question. What would be good nutrition?

I tried various diets, fasted many times and for long, got a lot weaker, but smarter I did not get. After many years I arrived to the end of the line. There is no answer to this question. And there was the answer laughing in my face. The problem is the whole damn thing! The problem is, that whatever we eat, we should not have eaten. Then, the problem with nutrition IS nutrition.

When we were banished from the Garden of Eden, Yehovah (his proper name is Enlil) said the following curse on us – quoted loosely ( in the Old Testament you can read it in detail ) : “And from now I condemn you to eat the crop of the land and the fruits of the land and the animals, except…” That is the problem.

Those are all raw or boiled or roasted foods, they ALL have to be digested.

Our bodies, just like the bodies of our creators are coming with a digestive tract. This organ however, in their case is used only if there is no food of gods available for whatever reason. For say twenty years, one can go with it, but not much longer. In twenty years we have such an accumulation of toxins and waste products in our bodies, that we have a bad deterioration of digesting efficiency.

About this digesting inefficiency many have written fat volumes, indicating that it was observed and duly noted.

In any case I would like to give you a rough approximation of the situation. Whatever we eat that needs to be digested is passing through our system with 98% of it practically untouched by digestion. Although it is undoubtedly ‘reworked’ – the mushroom piece that arrives at the other end cannot be just washed and served again.

This means, that the cleared part is only a feeble 2%. The energy coming out of this 2% is needed is many places. We need to move the body around, since we are working people. It needs to be heated, the nervous system needs some, otherwise we become semi-comatose, and using this energy the body makes all the enzymes, hormones, and various other juices that are needed for the complex works of digestion itself. Then of course we should not overlook the fact, we need energy to feel good or at least scrape by. This is why having some chocolate makes us happy – or almost. Sugars do not have to be digested, just like booze. When we feel less than perfect, the ionic balance of the body is upset, either in the basic or the acidic side. We need quite a bit of energy to remedy that, and it is not available. The whole system is so complex, that – although it is an almost clear picture to the professional – truly proper nutrition is unattainable in practice. For true wellbeing, we would need an at least 10% efficacy of the digestive tract.

Nobody on this planet has that, so we physically deteriorate from the age of twenty.

For many years I contemplated the question, what did our creators eat? To date I have no answer. Nothing lost, let us approximate the answer then!

I looked up the textbooks to know what is the end product of human digestion. All of them are esters. Some form of ethil-esters. The cells live on ethil-esters, that is made by the digestive system.

The thought was then, to make an ethil-ester and let’s have a look. Later it was obvious, that this thought was genius.

I picked a clean and freely accessible raw material – that is cold pressed sunflower oil. It has energy enough, that with some meddling your car would run on it. And we had an ethil-ester from sunflower oil. And it even tastes good.

That was nine months ago. From that time on, many hundred people use it, and more and more praise it. All over Europe, more than 2000 liters have been had by individuals. The daily recommended dose is 50 milliliters, or one good gulp.

It has to be had in one go or two, and lo and behold there is energy in the body. It need not be touched by digestion at all. It is freely absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream and eventually eaten by the cells.

Those with digestive problems and the very ill are the most excited about it. The best part is, – its effects can be felt in minutes, it is not a medicine, or a food supplement either, but a food. The only thing is – it is a super food.

The whole body heals when it is made available to it, since the body with available energy self-heals.

From here on the thing to be done is to try it, since the probe of the pudding is still eating it.

A month’s ration is 30 vials of 50 milliliters packed into a nice looking box. That is how you can order it. The courier service will deliver it to your door.