Unit pack : 30 pieces of 50 ml vials/box

Recommended dosage : 1 vial per day


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Our last, but not the least important product is The Pure Food Tincture. This is the item in literature, mentioned profusely – the food of the gods. The perfect food stuff that the body does not need to even touch. It need not be digested. From the mouth and the full digestive tract it is sucked up by the body straight into the cells. The cells in turn revive, because at last they got what they need in abundance. The food of the cells is ethil-ester. This is what the body is attempting to make from every piece of food swallowed. At a young age it more or less happens, buta s we age and fall sick, it is practically impossible for the body to make enough of it, even if you are feverishly attempting to „eat well”. The result is the body’s constant hunger ont he cellular level, and eventual delapidation. At first lots of fatigue, then comes disease. The Anunnaki ate only this stuff, but it has been denied us at the banishment from the Garden of Eden. Pick up the book. It is all there described  in elated language. And we are dropping like flies indeed. You can read further details about the Pure Food Tincture clicking here.

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