Organic Calcium


Unit pack : 60 capsule/ 2 sachet

Recommended dosage : 2 capsule per day

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This metal is the other huge, seemingly inpenetrable maze aroung the question of food supplements. With a contented smile you buy a calcium preparation in the shop or pharmacy, and there is one thing it will not do for you. It will not get incorporated into the tissues of your body. But it will be happily excreted by the bowels and the kidneys. The problem we could only solve when I read a paper about calcium deficiency and the occurence of tumors in the general population of Israel. There is no calcium deficiency in Israel, and the occurence of tumors is but 2% of the european statistical figure. Why? Because in Israel the Boron is not extracted from drinking water, like in Europe and other Anglo-Saxon countries boasting high tumor occurences. The artist’s name of Boron is the ’caretaker’. Boron is the conductor in the body, commanding calcium to be incorporated or not into various tissues of our bodies. You will find further reading on this most important topic, clicking here.

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