Pathogens are harmful microorganisms that settle in our body. Viruses, bacteria, spores, various cellular microorganisms, parasites – some of them are known, but most of them we have not been able to identify until today. In the vast majority of cases, they enter the body with our daily food intake. As a solution, we have to create and maintain an environment in body fluids that is unfavorable for the multitude of parasites. If their number decreases, diseases caused by their presence can be cured.

Scientific studies have proven that pathogens make up around 20% of the body weight of an average adult organism. Our product is a herbal antibiotic consisting of 16 medicinal herbs, which reduces the microbial load of our body. As a result, we would probably not need, or in a significantly lower dose of, antihypertensive medicine, the living conditions of diabetics could improve, fewer degenerative diseases could develop, and inflammation and nerve pain could be significantly reduced. The list goes on and on.

It is important that it is recommended to be taken in the long term, without intervals, since the goal is to create and continuously maintain an unfavorable environment for pathogens in our body.