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They can be ordered on-line, and the courrier service will deliver them to your door. Every product of ours has an European Union certification, but they are available only here. These products are not sold in shops anywhere.

What our customers say

The products are great an I`m glad there are people like you. The products have helped me a lot in taking them in every area. My husband, son and I would continue to take the products I think it`s great and I`m glad to help people with their work in this dark world, keep up the good work and hope to see you soon. Best regards from switzerland
I am still interested to proceed as I had really good results with the red calcium. I had big changes in my life. As far as we tested the red calcium energeticaly the result of our tests was tremendiously unbelievable good.
Flag of Austria
It is very exciting what you do and I wish you the very best for your further research. I highly appreciate that you tackle the genetic enslavement on this planet. If we all work together with all our effort, we can step by step re-gain our freedom. Best regards from Sydney,
Flag of Sydney

We try to make as many people as possible more livable. If you have any questions, please contact us and join our partner community.


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