– Do any of yor products contain artificial additives?

None of our products have any artificial additives. We do not bekieve in those, because up to this day we have observed the use of additives for the simple reason of greed. One reason is to improve taste, another is to extend shelf-life tremendously. And there are other considerations at play as well. The base-line is always to produce from scratch, sell it at a very good price, and the product should be able to sit on the shelf of stores preferably for years, so it will definitely be sold.

– Why is your Calcium different from those on the shelves of healthfood stores?

Calcium laktate-, gluconate- and citrate are the three generally accessible calcium preparations which do get somewhat absorbed by the body. The question today goes that far. Doeas it get absorbed? Well, there is another question that nobody seems to ask. If and when it is absorbed i.e. it is in the blood stream, does it “know” where to go? Bones, brain, muscles, skin? No, it does not. This is the reason for the use of boron. Boron is called the governor of the body for centuries. I’d rather prefer the “caretaker” title, but it was named long before I surfaced in this arena.

– What percentage of  your clean food tincture gets absorbed? What percentage is cleared from normal food intake?

2% of our normal food intake gets cleared for use by the body. The clearance of our clean food tincture is 100%. HZowever in many cases some time is needed until the body gets used to higher fat absorption. The recommended procedure is, to start with a vial a day. You will find 30 vials in your box. Then, a day or two later start observing your dump. If the body cannot cope with the added fat, it will be visible on the porcelain of your toilet. In this case, say for a week reduce the daily dose to half a vial, until there is no fat on the porcelain. By this time the body is ready for more. Switch back to a full vial a day, and be on the alert for the same signs. After all, getting used to affluance  does not happen in a day either. If fat appeares again, revert back to half a dose again for a eek or so. Play this game until your body craves the tincture. Then you are set. It is worth it.

– Is it imperative to drink a whole vial in one go, or it can be had in increments, maybe only half a vial a day?

It can be had in many ways, you can sip it, you can drive it down straight, you can have it in any number of increments. There are no “strict doctors orders” here. Strict doctors orders were invented a long time ago when average people were stupid indeed. They had to be told. Those who are interested in our products, are not stupid by far. For this reason we encourage experimentation, observation and drawing of individual conclusions.

– Can I drink water with the clean food, or any other beverage in order to dampen it’s characteristic taste?

The clean food can be had with any beverage, or can be rinsed off with the same. I even tried beer, but did not like it. The mixing is tricky, because it does not mix, and looks ugly. You should stir it, and drink it fast. Otherwise the two liquids separate. Like oil and water. The idea of dampening the characteristic taste emerges when you have starved your body of fats, and the body is in apathy for this reason. It is not just you who have emotions. The cells of the body and the body as a whole has them too. In this case you are the victim of false propaganda. Fats are the first and most important food of the body. If slowly you get used to it – if such is the case, – you will get to like it. If in the morning I don’t get my shot, I feel deprived.

– Which time of day is it advised to take the products?

The important thing I like ti handle in the morning if I can. Everyone in his own way. The Schüssler salts when taken in the evening makes some sleep like a log, other don’t sleep at all. Experiment, observe, and get to know what is good for you.

– Exactly why do I have to take the Schüssler salts?

There is no such thing as “having to take some supplement”. Your body and mind glows with health when you are able to decide freely, and you do it. And from then on you do not give up your freedom for anything known to man. Then they sync with your soul which is freedom itself. It is much better to have that eight beer, then to be a good husband that evening. The evening will be over, the wife will forget anyway, but the damned feeling of being submissive remains. Or, it is much-much better to send your mother-in-law to hell from your life, then to be a good mannered girl. When you feel freedom, you are on the right track of your life. When you do not feel it, you always know what is your problem. Make changes, cut throat – whatever. Freedom is your lot. Not slavery. If you are lurking on this web-page, you are doing it, because you know more than others and you want even more. The Schüssler salts are the essential building blocks for the new cells of the body. If you understood that, or accepted the statement because you are an experimenting type, you have to try them to be sure. Only by that experience will you grow.

– In case of which main health issues are these products recommended?

Again, there is no such thing as main issues. Various things aggravate people the most. My wife the other day was hysterical indeed. She enjoys perfect health pushing to her sixties, is gorgeous, is loved, and has cash in her pocket. On her new car the left taillight siezed. To everyone his own. These products are recommended in every case of body or emotional disorder. Why? Because they are not drugs. The body is equipped with a very potent self-healing system, which is true, because it can be observed with ease. These products assist in a big way this self-healing system, and make it stand tall. What do we need, to do a complete renovation on our house? Vision, money, building material, and intention. What do we need to put our bodies back on track? Vision (the idea, that you can do a lot for yourself and the doctors are not the only gods), energy (stands for money, that will be the pure food tincture) building blocks (Schüssler salts, calcium), and your intention to do it. Otherwise we have seen very good results with tumors (all kinds), with diabetes ( both types), high blood pressure (essential and organ related) with asthma, in every case of muscle, joint and bone diseases, with migraine and all types of other headaches, with the rehabilitation of injuries, neurological diseases, with potency and libido disorders, and the list is getting too long to read. The instruction is plain and simple. Give energy to the body and mind, put the building blocks in, dare believe that you are strong enough for the job, and your intent should be unbreakable. Do it until you feel the improvement. After all, Paris wasn’t built in a day either. And when you see the improvement, for a long time do not stop taking them. 

– Can I use all three products together? Don’t they work against each other?

The optimal is using all three simultaneously. And they do not work against each other. Only drugs do that. However they can be experimented with one by one. With any one of them you will see some kind of miracle. But not in two days!

– When do I get my delivery?

After putting the order, received payment, we immediately ship. The shipping time in Europe is usually 3 bussiness days, sometimes less.

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