Experience Machine

The origin of the contraption is based on the works of Wilhelm Reich, who furnished us the clinically proven basic cause of all neuroses. That is the absence or extreme rarity of sexual orgasms in one’s life. Today neuroses is called panic syndrome, fear-anxiety syndrome, neurological collapse syndrome, and a few dozen other names it boasts with. At the beginning of the last century it was simply called neuroses. Sigmund Freud laid down the foundations here with his famous libido theory. Salute to both of them.

Wilhelm Reich, if he was alive today would have Nobel-prizes hanging from his tuxedo. He was born in the wrong century. He proved conclusively, that if in an adult’s life sexual orgasms are not present on a daily basis, the person will inevitably fall sick with some kind of neuroses. Every cell in our bodies contracts (shrinks) before the crescendo of the orgasm, and relaxes after the peak. With that happening, the body gets rid of the tension accumulated due to daily stress. Much like a safety valve.

The experience machine produces a capacitive electrical field, that resonates with the frequency of the human sexual orgasm. If one is within the electrical field of the machine, roughly in 40 minutes the body reaches the frequency resonance and a full body orgasm develops to everyone’s delight. It has an unbelievable healing and invigorating effect.

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