Szikra Tamás Kft.

Address: 1046 Budapest, Kiss Ernő u. 2.
Registration Authority: Municipal Court of the Metropolitan Court;
Tax number: 26346443-2-41
Business Registration Number: 01-09-406946
Privacy Officer: Heszler Istvan Antal

Hosting Provider Details:
Name of the service provider: Deploy IS Kft. (Tax number 14483855-2-41)
Address of the service provider: 1032 Budapest, Ágoston u. 2.
Contact information for the virtual server service: – email: or;

The physical location of storage:
Location: 1108 Budapest, Kozma utca 2.

Website Operator Details:
Provider name: PRO-IP Informatika Kft. (Tax number 22918259-2-13)
Address of the service provider: 1046 Budapest, Ernő Kiss u. 2.
Contact details of the service provider:;

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