We are a spirited bunch, because otherwise it isn’t worth living. We do not believe in anything, do not possess religious or political affiliation, because we have seen too much. We are neither in our twenties nor thirties, for those times have long gone from our lives. We are doing only a handful of things, so our product range numbers only a few. Everything we make or have someone make for us and offer, are our own products or services. We developed them and we know the most about them. Every product or service of ours was given birth for one single goal: To assist the ageing man and woman, and those battling with the mundane problems of day to day life in their endeavors to better their life quality. We had many products of trial and error, and from those many, a handful withstood the iron teeth of time, – because they are brilliant. These handful gems you can acquaint yourself with in our humble company.


“I’m not afraid of death, but if I’m here, I’d like to have eternal life at least.”

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